The FatMaster System

The FatMaster is for any company which either has no treatment system and/or does not have enough retention time in their interceptor system. It is designed for companies which have regular flows of significant volume. 

For companies with irregular and/or low volumes (4-12 m3/day) please see the BatchMaster system (details soon-please ring if urgent)

We currently have two models-the FatMaster 6 and FatMaster 12. These are imaginatively named because they are suitable for 6 and 12 m3/hour respectively.

They consist of a pre-screen system to remove extraneous solid matter and a three module tank system connected in series to provide a suitable retention time. We include a horizontal skimmer system which is mounted on a mobile platform such that each tank can be skimmed with only on skimming unit. The skimmer is mounted at such a height that it will drop the collected fat straight into an IBC.

The system shown is an upgrade to an existing customers tank system. The FatMaster itself is produced in 9mm black polypropylene and is piped in PVC for total chemical compatibility.