Water Clean has a complete biological treatment programme.                      

BioClean G-TP is a specially formulated microbial product designed to enhance the degradation of animal, vegetable and mineral grease and oils.

Water Cleans BioClean G-TP is a blend of several bacillus strains specially selected for their ability to degrade animal, vegetable and mineral grease and oils. These bacterial strains have been individually grown in pure culture, harvested, preserved and blended in a selected combination. The bacteria are stabilised on a bran base, with added nutrients and enzymes which gives a light brown appearance and a slight yeast odour.· Helps to optimise the performance of grease traps, reducing build-ups

· Can tackle emulsions of grease and detergents, oils and other food wastes

· Essential part of good hygiene practise for restaurants, factories, garages etc

· Rapid and in-depth action due to synergistic action of enzymes, bacteria and nutrients

· Long shelf life-two years in original container

· No special handling precautions required-however good handling practise for powders should be observed


BioClean G-TP has been developed to rapidly establish an effective biomass for degrading animal, vegetable and mineral grease and oils in grease traps of the food industry and other industries where heavy build-up of FOGs and other organics may be a problem.
Canning factories
Food processing plants
Service station traps
Large septic tanks
Municipal waste water treatment plants (WWTP)


Dosing directions

It is recommended that a solution of BioClean G-TP be made up prior to adding to the treatment situation.When making up a solution , if possible, add BioClean G-TP to a liquid mix of 50% effluent and 50% clean water at a rate of 5 litres liquid mix per 100g BioClean G-TP.

Technical Specification for BioClean G-TP

Bacteria     Bacterial Count 2 x 109/gram

The microorganisms in the formulation are all naturally occurring, Class 1 Bacillus strains. They have not been genetically engineered in any way. Only strains that are recognised as being non-pathogenic to humans, animals or plants are included in this product.

Typical Properties    

Appearance-light brown powder Shelf life-24 months in unopened container Fragrance-none pH  7.0-8.8 Form-powder

Performance properties     Effective pH range-   5.0-10.0     Temperature range-  5-50o C

Packaging     20 kg pail